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Apply A Full Set of Sculptured Nails in 
under 1 hour

1. SANITIZE - (Always!) Tammy Taylor Sanitize is available in 5 fragrances: GiorgioTM, Peach, Coconut, Vanilla and Gardenia. Start every procedure by sanitizing your hands first, then your clients.

2. REMOVE POLISH - (Do Not use Non-Acetone.) Tammy Taylor Acetone Polish Remover, with conditioners, is available in 4 fragrances: Peach, Coconut, Vanilla and Gardenia. Note: Non-Acetone Polish remover can leave acrylic nails yellow and gummy.

3. ETCH - (A very important step if you're getting some lifting.) The 100 grit Purple Terminator is the best file for etching. Proper etching will eliminate 75% of lifting. 3) A. Etch only the way the nail grows, from the cuticle to free-edge, until you have no shine on the nail plate. Etching will create little hills and valleys on the top of the nail plate, which the product will flow into. 3) B. To further insure no lifting, use the Pterygium Stone to push back excess cuticle and skin that has grown onto the nail plate.

4. DUST - (Always away from cuticle area.) Remove the particles from the nail plate with a plastic manicure brush. It is necessary to brush from cuticle to free-edge, until the nail is clean. This also helps eliminate lifting. Note: A cosmetic brush can spread germs, as it cannot be properly disinfected.

5. PRIME - (Dab primer brush on a towelette, so you don't flood the cuticle area.) Apply the Primer to all 10 nails and let them dry. This will dry out the oils and kill the germs on the nails. A pre-prime is not necessary. Note: The primer is a methacrylic acid. A half ounce bottle can prime 1,000 nails. So a very small amount is all that is needed. Primer can cause irritation. Dab the primer brush on a towelette, before priming, to remove excess. After priming, wipe brush before placing brush back in bottle to eliminate contamination. WARNING: If primer is spilled, remove any clothing anywhere primer spilled and wash affected areas with soap and water for at least 15 minutes. (Always keep Primer in a Primer Holder)

6. APPLY NAIL FORMS - (You should have one roll of each type.) The Tammy Taylor Forms are available in 3 different nail bed shapes: Oval, Square and Original. Also 2 different designs: Competitive Edge and Custom. The proper form will help eliminate breaking and cracking.

7. RE-PRIME - (If necessary to prime a 3rd time because primer dried before you could apply the pink ball, then prime a 3rd time.) Apply 2nd coat of primer, to one nail at a time, Just before applying acrylic. Note: If second coat of primer dries, a 3rd coat can be applied. Applying product while primer is still wet will help eliminate lifting.

8. APPLY PRODUCT - (Practice, practice, practice.  Remember, the white or free-edge ball is the foundation of the nail.  If the free-edge is not good, you will end up doing a lot of filing and probably have some breakage or cracks at the Happy face.) (The Tammy Taylor powders are available in 9 colors: Whitest White, Dramatic White, regular White, Pinkest Pink, Dramatic Pink, regular Pink, Natural, Peaches n' Cream & Clear)

Product is applied in 4 balls. White on the free-edge and Pink on the nail bed. "Pat the White" and "Stroke the Pink": "1, 2, 3, 4 balls".

Use the Tammy Taylor deep Ceramic Dish and Custom brushes, for the perfect consistency when making a nail. (The deep Ceramic Dish comes in two colors: Black or White) (The Custom brushes are available in 3 sizes: Original, Large & Small and in 2 designs: Custom & Flat)

9. FILE - (A very important step if you want to save time and not work so hard) File the nails in 5 Steps, using our exclusive "Horseshoe Pattern" at step #9-4 (Cuticle & Contour) which gives you that perfect contour. Tammy has many different files to choose from. ("I like the T.T. 100 grit Purple Terminator and the T.T. 180 grit Zebra," says Tammy.)  A Note on step #9-4, Cuticle & Contour:  B. Using the file in the pattern of a horseshoe will make the top nicely rounded (like the shape of an almond). C. Continue filing towards tip until you are all the way out onto the free-edge. 

D. How to hold your file:  If you will hold your forefinger on top of the file and let one end of the file rest in your palm, the horseshoe pattern will come naturally.  E. Whereas, holding the file between the thumb and two fingers (usually forefinger & middle finger), will cause you to file long flat areas on the nail.  F. The horseshoe pattern is the best way to get the rounded almond look.  And it is, when you get used to holding your file (step D), the quickest way to file.

G. Another side benefit to using step D is, your elbows won't hurt anymore.  The horseshoe pattern allows your shoulder joint and the weight of your arm to do most of the work.  H. It works so well, that when you get to the Clients angle, you will have very little work to do.

If you will do only one step at a time, and do that same step on all ten fingernails before going to the next step, I can guarantee that for those of you who cannot quite get your time down to less than an hour, you are going to save 10 to 20 minutes on your very next set of Sculptured nails.

   Step-1 Left Side
   Step-2 Right Side 
   Step-3 Tip (free-edge)
   Step-4 Cuticle & Contour
   Step-5 Clients Angle

All TEN Nails
All TEN Nails
All TEN Nails
All TEN Nails
All TEN Nails

10. BUFF - (Buffing will smooth the nail to a high sheen.) Apply the cuticle oil to nail (available in 8 different fragrances: Peach, Vanilla, Gardenia, Coconut, Opium, Poison, GiorgioTM and Beautiful.) Then buff with the Clean Finish buffer to smooth nail and remove scratches. Shine with the Super Soft Shiner.

11. WASH HANDS - (Don't let you clients wash with anything you do not sell.  Shampoo is a great retailer.  Check our "Specials of the Week" on the home page.  Shampoo and Scrub go hand-in-hand.) Squirt a small amount of the Tammy Taylor fragrant shampoo (available in Peach, Mango and Pineapple) on a manicuring brush and hand it to the client to wash their hands. A little squirt of Peach scrub is also a nice touch. This is an excellent way to build retail sales.

12. POLISH - (Don't polish with anything you do not sell.  It is best never to let a client bring in her/his own products.  They can use their products at home, not in your Salon.) Apply the A-Coat to keep nails Pink and White and Z-Coat for color polish. Note: Z-Coat over A-Coat will protect the A-Coat from getting sticky with sunscreens.

(Some clients want to book every 3 weeks.  They think they can save money.  And, of course they will save money, if you only charge them the same as you do your clients who book every 2 weeks.  Do you get the feeling somebody is getting the best of someone else?

Easy to fix though.  Make up a new price sheet immediately.  For example: Full Sets $65.00, Fill-Ins each 2 weeks $32.00, Fill-Ins more than 2 weeks $65.00 or same as Full Set. 

Clients who come in every 2 weeks can normally be done in 40 to 55 minutes, whereas a 3 week client will take will take 15 to 30 minutes longer.  If you have to work longer hours, someone has to pay for the extra time.  Your income is derived from Your TIME.)


USING the 12 STEPS above to Sculpture Nails in a systematic procedure and KEEPing THINGS SIMPLE will enable the Nail Technician to SCULPTURE NAILS IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR, consistently every day & you will be able to make a very good living in a reasonably short amount of time.







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